Superior Service Annual Inspection


Want to learn the current condition of your pump system?   Want to be able to make informed decisions on what service work you may need in the near future?  You should consider signing up for our SSAI (Superior Service Annual Inspection) program.  

Thein Well Rochester's SSAI Program schedules us to come to your place and do a complete electrical inspection of your pump system - including any control box components.    We also do a visual inspection of all components, take a sanitary water sample and have it checked at a certified lab for bacteria and Nitrates and prepare a report for your records.   Any parts replaced at the time of the inspection qualify for a 20% discount off of our normal pricing (we wouldn't perform any major repairs without your approval).   Any parts/labor taking place within 12 months of the SSAI qualify for a 10% discount.

How much does this service cost?  Not much.  We believe it is of benefit to both of us to not be surprised by failures but rather make educated issues to avoid untimely, unexpected and expensive emergency repairs!    A single party SSAI with an inside tank is only $180.00; single party with buried tank is $210.00 and multi-party (up to 5 hp) is only $250.00.   Call us for pricing on larger than 5 hp systems.  

Want to sign up?   Click here to fill out a form and we'll call to set up your SSAI!

Sample of SSAI Request Form: