Leading the water well industry

Since 1893

5 Generations of service

Eugene Thein, the son of a Luxembourg immigrant blacksmith, left New Trier, MN at the age of 19, shortly after his father's death, and moved to Clara City, MN.   When community leaders decided it was time for Clara City to invest in a well, Eugene parlayed his blacksmithing skills to design and utilize the tools he needed to construct his first well, by horsepower, in 1893.

Peter J. Thein worked with his father from an early age and took over the family business in the early 1900s.  Pete was a good businessman and expanded the business.   Eventually, all 5 of Pete and Gertrude's sons helped out.   Joseph died at a young age in 1947 when he was crushed by a rolling drill pipe.  Leonard was an accomplished well driller until his death in 1968.

Stanley, Dennis and Peter Thein, the three remaining sons, purchased the business from their dad in 1965.   All accomplished well contractors, the three expanded  the business greatly in terms of locations and equipment.   They were the first in their areas to invest in Rotary well drilling equipment - which would drill wells in days instead of weeks; the first contractor in the Midwest to have well video inspection equipment and developed a patented method to develop sand-free wells.   Tireless workers, they expanded from Clara City, MN to set up new locations in Spicer and Rochester, MN.   

As the business continued to grow, Bob, Mike, David, Mark and Craig Thein stepped forward to become the fourth generation of Theins to lead Thein Well Company.     Sadly, in 2004, David Thein perished at the age of 35 in a terrible accident when a front tire of large drill rig blew while he was moving it to a new site.  The rig went directly into the ditch and rolled over.   He left behind his wife Nikki and four young children.  He is missed.

In 2008, Thein Well Rochester, Inc. became its own entity.   Craig and Mark lead the forces in Rochester while Bob and Mike lead Thein Well Company (
www.TheinWell.com ) - with locations in Spicer, Litchfield and a new shop in South Dakota.   Although we are now totally independent, we assist, not compete against, each other.   We're family.  Both divisions are fortunate to have the fifth generation of the family join us in moving the business forward.  

Thank you for reading the history of Thein Well Rochester, Inc.   Although we are extremely proud of our past, it is our future that really drives us.  We are determined to continue to lead the industry in providing unparalleled service and offering the latest quality components to provide safe and reliable water to your home, business or community.