Tired of poor flow?   Time to blow your waterline!

Why have us blow out your waterline?

Most wells in Southeast Minnesota are high in iron and other minerals.  Over time, those minerals buildup inside the waterline from the well to your home.   When that happens, a waterline that may have been properly sized to begin with is no longer capable of allowing the flow you need to serve your needs.   Instead of getting 15 gallons per minute into your home, allowing you to run multiple faucets at the same time or to take a refreshing shower, you're now lucky to get 2 gpm - leaving you feeling like your pump system is not meeting your needs.   Many times the problem is not with your pump but rather with the distribution from the well to the house.   Like hardening of the arteries, it is important to pay attention to symptoms you witness and take action before it is too late.   Eventually, the mineral buildup can become so hardened that replacement of the waterline, an expensive and disruptive measure, is all you can do.   However, if you act when you notice significant flow problems, we are typically able to restore flow back

to its original condition.    

If you want to schedule this service and you're on a single-party well, give us a call at
507-288-5554 and we'll get it scheduled.   We'll have to lift your pump and run it so, when we blow this iron from your home to the well, we can pump it out of the well instead of recirculating it back into your plumbing.    If you're on a multi-party well, you will need to contact your neighbors to set up a time for us to do this work.   Oftentimes, you'll find that they're experiencing the same problem and will want to join you in having this work done.   Either way, you'll need to work out a date that works for everyone because they'll be out of water while we blow your line and we'll also want to have them shut off the valve where the water enters their house that morning - so we're not pushing your iron into their waterline.   Once you've worked out a date, call us back and give us a week's notice and we'll juggle our schedule to make it work for you.   We will need to get inside every house that wants their line blown out - so make sure somebody is going to be home or a key is hidden and dogs are put in a closed room.

Most of our customers experience significant improvement in flow/pressure when they've hired us to perform this work.   Check out the testimonials and pictures below for more information!

Testimonial of success of blowing out waterline:

Click on each of 4 pictures to follow documentation of success of project:

Pictures of Blowing Out Waterlines projects:

Videos of Blowing Out Waterlines

1.8 GPM Flow BEFORE blowing out water line

13.2 GPM Flow AFTER blowing out water line

Blowing Iron out of waterline and buried tank

Low flow with 50 psi at well head prior to blowing out waterline.

Much improved flow with 50 psi at well head after blowing out waterline.